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Solid-liquid Separation

What is solid-liquid separation?

solid-liquid separator

Mechanical solid-liquid separation is an effective method to remove contamination and separate solid materials from liquid slurries. The solid-liquid filtration process involves a type of filter medium, usually a metallic or synthetic mesh screen, through which suspended solids are removed from the liquid. Depending on the setup of your manufacturing lines, these series of filters can be used for both batch and continuous separations, improving the overall efficiency of your manufacturing process.


How does a liquid-solid separation work?

As the slurry passes through the machine, the mesh screen prevents the solids from flowing away with the liquids, resulting in two distinctly separated materials. Mechanical force then allows the remaining liquid to drain properly from the suspended solids, ensuring that no product wastage. Since the process may involve solids of different properties, so the correct equipment is selected based on the density, weight and size of the solid material.

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