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Different task divisions of disk stack separators

Disk stack separators are commonly used for commercial and industrial separation tasks, including liquid-liquid separation, liquid-solid separation and liquid-liquid-solid separation.

Disc Centrifuge

Liquid-liquid separation involves two immiscible liquids of different densities.

Solid-liquid separation involves three kinds of application scenarios as follows:

  • Removing solids from liquids to recover valuable by-products and treating this liquid as sewage discharge;
  • Recovering a valuable liquid from solids and discharging solids for treatment as waste;
  • Recovering both solids and liquids as valuable products;
  • Removing solids from a liquid before cleaning the liquid prior to discharge to prevent contamination to the environment.

Liquid-liquid-solid separation involves the separation of three distinct phases and is the most challenging separation task. In this regard, no other technology can match the disc stack separation technology.

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