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How Vibrating Screen Works

JX Filtration vibrating screen uses a screen with a larger mesh aperture to separate under a certain size. Due to the angle of the screen sieve plate, the apparent opening through which the particles fall vertically is smaller than the actual opening. This design concept reduces the risk of pinning and blinding while achieving high capacity.

vibrating screen

The rapid and vertical movement of the material makes the vibrating screen a large capacity in relation to the machine size. Due to its smaller size compared to conventional screens of the same capacity, no excess energy is wasted to move material forward. Instead, gravity plays most of the role as material falls through the screen decks.

Depending on the model, the vibrating screen vibrates using one or two counter-rotating eccentric weighted vibrating motors. Mounted directly to the frame, the motor sits and spins itself; there is nothing to pull or push, no reducers, no pulleys and belts. Motor bearings on eccentrically weighted drives are the only moving parts that require attention to maintenance, typically over 15,000 hours of operation time.

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