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Linear Vibrating Screen for Food Industry

Linear Vibrating Screen can be used for for various dry powder or granular materials with a particle size of 0.074-5mm, a moisture content of less than 7% and no stickiness. The separation efficiency is as high as 96%, and 1~6 layers of screens can be added according to user requirements, and carbon steel or stainless steel can be selected. It has low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust overflow, automatic discharge, and is more suitable for assembly line operations.

Linear Vibrating Screen

Structural components of linear vibrating screen

It is mainly composed of screen box, screen frame, screen mesh, vibration motor, motor basement, vibration damping spring, bracket and so on.

1. Screen box: It is welded by several kinds of steel plates with different thicknesses. It has certain strength and rigidity and is the main component of the screen machine.

2. Screen frame: It is made of pine or wood with less deformation. It is mainly used to keep the screen flat and achieve normal screening. Usually, it can be made of pine, or carbon steel screen frame and hook plate screen can be used according to user requirements. frame, polyurethane screen, etc.

3. Screen: Generally, the national standard screen is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the number of screens is accurate. Compared with carbon steel screen and 201 screen, the screen is more wear-resistant; some materials are used in the screen due to their special performance requirements. Metal can not be contacted during the separation process, and nylon mesh or polyurethane mesh can be used, such as polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, etc.

4. Vibration motor: It adopts copper core horizontal vibration motor, and the casting casing has good heat dissipation performance. The rotor and bearing adopt domestic advanced high-quality standards. The vibration force is large and the maintenance rate is low. See the vibration motor instruction manual for details).

5. Motor basement: When installing the vibration motor, the connecting screws must be tightened before use, especially three days before the trial of the new screen machine, it must be tightened repeatedly to avoid accidents caused by loosening.


6. Vibration damping spring: prevent the vibration from being transmitted to the ground and support the full weight of the screen box. When installing, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground.

7. Bracket: It consists of four pillars and two channel steels, which support the screen box. When installing, the pillars must be vertical to the ground, and the channel steels below the two pillars should be parallel to each other.

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