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What is Belt Filter Press

The independent thickening section of the belt filter press can easily filter the agglomerated sludge, greatly improving the treatment capacity. It has the simple structure, simple operation and easy maintenance.


  • Special concave and convex roller design makes it has large treatment capacity and low moisture content.
  • Superior patented filter belt
  • Fast separation of filtrate
  • Excellent sludge cake stripping, and less sludge residue.
  • High stability and excellent durability.
  • No noise and vibration.
  • Low power consumption.
Belt Filter Press

Compared with domestic sludge dewatering machines and even other European and American brands of dewatering machines, the Belt Filter Press is better than other models. The main difference is that the filter cloth is different, because it uses three types of different length vertical wool fibers and manufactured by electrostatic implantation, it is a filter cloth that does not stick to sludge, and the equipment is cleaned with less water.

Working principle

After the concentrated sludge and a certain concentration of flocculant are fully mixed in the static and dynamic mixer, the tiny solid particles in the sludge are aggregated into larger flocculent agglomerates, and the free The water and flocculated sludge are transported to the filter belt for concentrating gravity dewatering. Under the action of gravity, the free water is separated to form a non-flowing sludge, which is then clamped between the upper and lower mesh belts. Under the action of extrusion force and shear force from small to large in the pre-pressing zone, low-pressure zone and high-pressure zone, the sludge is gradually squeezed to achieve a greater degree of sludge and water separation, and then form a filter cake for discharge.

Application scope

Belt filter presses are widely used in sludge dewatering treatment of urban domestic sewage, textile printing and dyeing, electroplating, papermaking, leather, brewing, food processing, coal washing, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, ceramics and other industries. Production of solid separation or liquid leaching processes.

In addition, our company not only produces belt filter presses, but also produces other environmental protection equipment such as sludge dewatering screw press, plate and frame filter presses, air flotation equipment, solid-liquid separation equipment, scraping and suction mud machines.

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