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Disk Stack Centrifuge

Disk Stack Centrifuge is composed of inlet/outlet device, drum, vertical/horizontal shafts, housing, speed detector, brake, motor and etc. The material is discharged with centripetal pump after separation. With a high output pressure (0-0.5mpa), the material be directly delivered to the downstream equipment.


  • All parts contacting with fluid are made of stainless steel, conforming the food-level requirement.
  • The drum of our disc centrifuge is precisely tested with dynamic balance. Large spiral gears are used in transmission system to guarantees the stable operation, overload-proof, small vibration, safety running and convenient operation.
  • The bearings are from famous Swedish brand SKF, fully ensuring the operation precision.
  • With the PLC control, our disc centrifuge can also achieve program operation.

Working principle
When the raw liquid was fed into the high speed rotating drum, it enters the disc stack along the channel. With the effect of strong centrifugal force, raw liquid with different densities forms three dynamic concentric rings. Small amount of solid particles with biggest density keep moving outward and pile up on the drum which formed the out-most layer. Heavy liquid with bigger density is throwed to the lower surface of the disc and then slip out of the disc area to form the middle layer. Light liquid with smaller density keeps moving toward the drum center and forms the innermost layer. Finally, the components of each layer will be discharged from their channels respectively.

disk stack centrifuge

Slag discharge way

disk stack centrifuge
disk stack centrifuge
disk stack centrifuge

● Milk separator: for milk skimming or clarification (solid impurity removal). Small separator is driven with labor aid and drain manually, which is suitable for domestic use of farmers and herdsmen. Large separators are driven electrically and suitable for industrial production.
● Mineral oil separator: used for the removal of water and mechanical impurities from mineral oil, including the fuel oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil and transformer oil. It is also able to separate similar emulsion.
● Plant oil separator: the processing and refinement of plant oil.
● Animal oil separator: used to refine animal oil in meat processing or to concentrate and separate fish oil in aquatic processing.
● Yeast separator: used to concentrate the yeast.
● Starch separator: used for starch removal and starch concentration.
● Wool fat separator: used in wool industry to extract wool grease from wool washing water.
● Pharmaceutical disc separator: used in the pharmaceutical industry for the extraction of antibiotics, vitamins, etc. It is also suitable for the 3-phase mixture separation in pharmaceutical and chemical production.
● Beer separator: used for the clarification of beer, wort and other beverages.
● Latex separator: used for the concentration of rubber milk and for the removal of impurities from rubber milk.
● Paint separator: used to separate the impurities in the paint, improving the quality of the paint.

disk stack centrifuge
disk stack centrifuge

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