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How to Operate a Trommel Screen

I. What are the Components of a Trommel Screen?

A trommel screen mainly consists of a motor, gearbox, drum device, frame, sealing cover, and feed and discharge ports.

Trommel Screen

How does a trommel screen work? The motor of the trommel screen is connected to the drum device through a gearbox via a coupling. The drum device rotates around the axis driven by the motor. When materials enter the drum device, they flip and roll on the screening surface under the rotation of the inclined drum device. Materials that meet the size requirement pass through the discharge port at the bottom of the drum, while those that do not are discharged through the discharge port at the end of the drum.

II. How to Operate a Trommel Screen?

  1. Step One: Installation and Debugging

Trommel screens are usually pre-tested by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. However, for safety reasons, we need to inspect all components upon receiving the equipment.

During installation, ensure that the deviation in the horizontal range is less than 2mm.

  1. Step Two: Equipment Operation

(1) Pre-operation check: Inspect electrical equipment and instruments for integrity. Check for ores and foreign objects inside the drum, and clean if necessary. Ensure that bearing seats and gearbox lubrication are good, oil levels are appropriate, and protective covers are intact. Check if the drive chain tension is appropriate.

(2) During operation, the equipment must run without load first. Observe if the discharge is normal, and avoid excessive impact on the screen during material loading. Arrange for inspections every hour during operation to check for any material leaks or dust issues.

  1. Step Three: Shutdown

Ensure that all materials inside the drum are fully screened before shutting down. After shutdown, conduct thorough equipment checks for any abnormalities and address them promptly. Maintain equipment and environmental hygiene and keep detailed operation records.

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