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Shallow Sand Filter III


The environmental features of shallow sand filters determine their wide range of applications:

shallow sand filter
  1. Pre-filtration treatment of raw water in power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, beverages, etc.

  2. Removal of suspended solids and solid materials from industrial wastewater.

  3. Decolorization and removal of organic matter from industrial water supply in chemical plants.

  4. Pretreatment of domestic water supply.

  5. Side filtration systems for circulating water.

  6. Clarification and decolorization of surface water and groundwater.

  7. Industrial water filtration—suitable for systems with specific water quality requirements, such as filtration of water for steel plant oxygen guns, boilers, and water supply for heat exchangers, to remove impurities and prevent nozzle clogging.

  8. Industrial circulating water filtration systems.

  9. Water treatment: filtration of surface rivers, lakes, seawater, reservoir water, well water, and urban tap water used for urban community water supply, to remove sand particles, suspended solids, algae, organic matter, etc.

  10. Agricultural irrigation: especially suitable for high-flow and low-impurity water sources, such as agricultural water conservancy irrigation, irrigation of lawns in parks and golf courses, etc.

  11. Industrial water for food processing industry, papermaking industry, treatment of industrial circulating water in power plants, pretreatment of industrial and medical purified water. Recirculation of industrial production water, industrial wastewater treatment.

  12. Aquaculture industry, swimming pools, and water parks.

  13. Landscape recirculating water.

  14. Used for industrial water, domestic water, and municipal water supply systems requiring effluent turbidity ≤5mg/L to meet drinking water quality standards.

  15. Can be used as pretreatment equipment in ion exchange softening and desalination systems, coarse filtration equipment for industrial water with low water quality requirements, and purification systems for swimming pool circulation and cooling water.

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