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Shallow Sand Filter II

Product Features

  1. Small in size, easy to install, saving space. It can be installed outdoors without the need for building structures, saving on construction costs and occupying minimal land area. It can be installed indoors or outdoors, as well as in multi-layer configurations, with strong adaptability.

    Shallow Sand Filter

    Compact structure saves space, and the product has good corrosion resistance, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

  2. The Shallow Sand Filter has good corrosion resistance and a long service life.

  3. Large filtration capacity, high filtration precision, and fast filtration rate. Normal filtration speeds can reach around 40m/h, depending on water quality, it can reach up to 60m/h.

  4. The backwash of the filter uses product water, and there is no need to install booster pumps or backwash pumps.

  5. Backwashing takes 2-3 minutes, with a backwash water volume of <3m³.

  6. Automatic backwashing

    The equipment's backwash is actively identified and controlled by the intelligent control system, requiring no manual intervention. Even if there is agitation in the suspended matter in the water, the equipment may autonomously adapt.

  7. Continuous water supply

    While the equipment is backwashing, the filtration process continues, ensuring uninterrupted water supply.

    Using a common distributor and collector, the uniform water distribution system and distributor make the water flow laminar throughout the filtration process, keeping the filter bed plane flat throughout the filtration process, and maintaining stable water quality in the effluent.

  8. Quartz sand or garnet is used as the filter medium, selected based on water quality conditions, with homogeneous filter media with particle sizes as small as 0.6mm.

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