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Shallow Sand Filter I

  1. Equipment Overview

The Shallow Sand Filter, also known as the Shallow Medium Filter, consists of multiple standard high-speed sand cylinder units. It features a common water distributor, a common water collector, and dual-directional active backwashing valves, enabling individual backwashing of multiple standard high-speed sand cylinders during normal system operation, all controlled by a fully automatic program.

Shallow Sand Filter

This equipment has the advantages of minimal water consumption during backwashing, convenient equipment operation, and ease of operation. It has a large flow capacity and does not require protection. Depending on different user requirements, there are two series available: vertical and horizontal. It is widely used in water quality treatment for industrial and civil circulating water systems.

The filter bed thickness of the Shallow Sand Filter ranges from 600mm to 800mm, using sea sand as the filter medium. The spherical outer shell and common internal design ensure smooth water flow during filtration with excellent filtering performance. During backwashing, it generates internal turbulence, achieving high efficiency and short backwashing time, with backwashing water consumption about thirty percent of traditional sand filters. It changes the characteristics of traditional sand filters and valveless filter pools such as high water consumption during backwashing, incomplete backwashing, and bulky size, making it a new device for medium filtration.

The filtering system of the Shallow Sand Filter can be applied to various water treatment operations, such as water supply filtration, full filtration and bypass filtration of cooling circulating water, sewage treatment and reuse, etc., replacing traditional sand filters and valveless filter pools.

  1. Technical Analysis

The Shallow Sand Filter comes in various specifications, with filter units ranging from 16 inches (400mm) to 96 inches (mm) in size and can be installed in different ways. It can be used as an independent filtration system, utilizing existing water supply pumps in the process. If used for bypass filtration, it can also be equipped with dedicated pumps. Installing multiple processing units on a common pipeline can effectively enhance the system's filtration capacity.

The cleaning methods of the Shallow Sand Filter include manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic modes, which can be initiated through manual buttons, PLC, pressure differential, or management systems. The backwashing cycle and duration can be adjusted, with the default setting being 3 minutes upon factory delivery. This control is implemented by the DLFCS automatic control system. Users can also choose PLC control systems, which can meet high requirements for centralized or remote communication.

The filtering system of the Shallow Sand Filter adopts modular planning, allowing flexible combinations based on factors such as flow rate and footprint. The system can initiate backwashing actively through various methods such as time and pressure differential, operating fully automatically. During backwashing, water continues to discharge uninterrupted.

The fully automatic control filtering system adopts modular planning and selects multiple filter units based on the flow rate. It can initiate backwashing actively through various methods such as time and pressure differential, with each filtering unit backwashing sequentially while others continue filtering.

The backwashing efficiency is high, with a short backwashing time and low water consumption (backwashing water consumption less than one percent). The system occupies a small footprint and can flexibly plan the layout of filtering units according to practical land use conditions. It is lightweight and does not require special foundations, typically suitable for installation on cement surfaces.

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