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Common Problems Of Filter Press II

Q6: Why does the filter cake appear uneven in shape or thickness?

A6: The reasons for this phenomenon may include insufficient material supply, low material concentration, or blockage of components during operation.

Filter Press

Generally, while ensuring the normal operation of the plate and frame, the feeding amount of the filtrate should be appropriately increased to ensure sufficient feeding.

If necessary, consider upgrading the existing process to improve the quality of the material and ensure that the material concentration is within a reasonable range. At the same time, regular cleaning of the drainage holes of the plate and frame should be performed to ensure smooth drainage pipelines.

Finally, increase the compaction pressure during the cake formation process to ensure the integrity of the filter cake.

Q7: What should be done if the filter plate does not move synchronously during the closing process of the filter press?

A7: When the filter press is operating, there is a locking and interlocking relationship between the internal mechanical structures. If the filter plate does not move after the closing operation, check whether the discharge trolley is in its initial position.

If the discharge trolley does not move and its position remains unchanged, further check whether the initial position detection device is operating normally. If the detection device malfunctions, it should be repaired promptly.

Q8: What are the causes and solutions for the noise generated by the hydraulic system of the filter press?

A8: During the compression process of the filter press, if there is abnormal noise in the hydraulic system, it is mainly due to loose fasteners in the system or excessive viscosity of the hydraulic oil.

Check the fasteners of the system. If they are loose, tighten them. For hydraulic oil with excessive viscosity, reduce its viscosity.

Q9: How to determine if the sludge is dewatered when using a plate and frame filter press?

A9: Theoretically, the sludge in a plate and frame filter press cannot be completely dewatered, but can only be understood as the end of the current feeding process.

It can be judged from the following two points:

  1. The feeding pressure has reached the set upper limit.
  2. The drainage volume of the filter plate has significantly decreased.

If you want to further reduce the moisture content of the filter cake, you can adopt the following two methods:

  • Increase the feeding pressure (provided that the hydraulic cylinder pressure is sufficient).
  • Use compressed air to blow out the moisture.

Q10: What causes the low closing pressure of the filter plate?

A10: During the actual operation of the plate and frame filter press, if the hydraulic station oil level is low, it may be due to leakage points in the hydraulic pipeline, resulting in a loss of hydraulic pressure in the station.

There may be a significant positional error in the installation of the filter plate limit detection device, causing the filter plate displacement control system to act prematurely, and the hydraulic pump to stop working prematurely. Additionally, setting the closing pressure of the filter plate too low can also result in insufficient compaction pressure.

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