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Rotary Drum Screen Application in Solid Waste Treatment

The Rotary Drum Screen is applicable in various fields such as municipal solid waste, construction/decoration waste, and scrap metal. It is suitable for screening materials like stones, ores, sand, wood chips, organic fertilizers, and various types of wet and easily clogged garbage. This equipment prevents the screen mesh from sticking or blocking during the screening process, thereby enhancing the output and reliability of the screening system. The device efficiently sorts garbage based on its size, preventing clogging, offering self-cleaning features, and facilitating easy screen replacement. The screened products include larger particles (>100mm), medium particles (10-50mm), and finer particles (<3mm), earning high praise from a wide range of users.

Rotary Drum Screen

The Rotary Drum Screen employs the principle of rolling conveyance, characterized by low friction and gentle operation. The integral shaft structure supporting the drum ensures smooth and vibration-free operation with minimal noise. The internal components of the drum screen are designed as modular units, simplifying the structure and facilitating quick and convenient replacement and maintenance.

Advantages of Rotary Drum Screen:

  1. Wide applicability, suitable for large-scale and modular design, easy to control, with a small installation tilt angle and resistance to clogging.

  2. Compact footprint, convenient for process layout. The equipment can adopt an effective fully-sealed structure, minimizing dust and pollution.

  3. Reliable operation, featuring high transmission efficiency, low power consumption, and significant energy-saving effects through the use of reduction drive.

  4. The screen can be customized according to customer requirements for mesh material, aperture size, ensuring high screening efficiency, long service life, and low maintenance costs.

  5. The central screen is wear-resistant, ensuring stable and reliable operation with simple and convenient maintenance.

  6. The small tilt angle of the machine's body and its unique working principle effectively address screen surface clogging issues, improving operational efficiency.

  7. Strong adaptability to materials, capable of screening various types of garbage with different properties, including sticky, wet, dirty, and miscellaneous waste. Diverse feeding methods are available, including manual and mechanical transmission, enabling large-scale production.

  8. Excellent sealing, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and convenient assembly and disassembly. The equipment features a quick-opening inspection door on the body for easy regular maintenance. Additionally, the device is equipped with dustproof covers with observation holes at both ends, allowing continuous monitoring of equipment operation.

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