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What is Trommel Screen

Trommel Screen, is the size of the material for grading treatment of screening equipment, the process layout is simple, mainly by the inlet and outlet, motor, reducer, frame, drum device, etc., can be used in chemical, coking plant, mining, power plants, building materials, metallurgy and other industries, commonly used in the grading and screening of medium and fine particle materials to improve the quality of materials. 


  • Adopts special screen, high screening efficiency and long service life.
  • The installation angle is small, and the sieve hole is not easy to block.
  • Simple structure, easy maintenance.
  • Smooth operation and low noise.
  • It occupies a small space and is convenient for process layout.


Motor, reducer, drum device, frame, sealing cover, inlet and outlet, spray.

Working principle 

Trommel Screen is installed obliquely on the frame. The motor is connected together by means of a coupling through a reducer and a roller unit that drives the drum unit around its axis. When the material enters the drum device, due to the tilt and rotation of the drum device, the material on the screen surface is flipped and rolled, so that the qualified material (the product under the screen) is discharged through the screen of the outer circle of the drum, and the unqualified material (the product on the screen) is discharged through the end of the drum. The beating at the top of the sieve during the rolling process will always beat the drum device, preventing the material from getting stuck in the screen and affecting the use of the sieve. At the same time, the spraying of the drum sieve can wash the surface of the sieve and the material during the rotation of the drum device, which is a cleaner material. 

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