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How to Select Plate and Frame Filter Press

The plate and frame filter press basic working principle is to fill the sludge between the filter plates, extrude the water by squeezing the filter plate, filter the sludge through the filter cloth, and finally achieve dewatering. Generally composed of support frame, hydraulic cylinder, filter plate, air supply system, filter cloth flushing system and limit device.

Plate and Frame Filter Press

How to select Plate and Frame Filter Press?

1. Moisture content of sludge cake. The plate and frame filter press acts more directly in the extrusion and dehydration process. The dewatering time is relatively long, the dewatering efficiency is higher, the small moisture content of the treated sludge cake, and the resulting sludge cake occupies a small space. 

2. Plate frame material. The plate frame is mainly made of materials with large deformation stiffness and lighter mass, and in the extrusion process, it can withstand high pressure. 

3. Filter cloth selection. The choice of filter cloth mainly requires corrosion resistance, strong tensile strength and good filtration. 

4. Work form. By controlling the movement of the plate frame in the form of hydraulic or pneumatic, the pneumatic noise is large. 

Among them, some technical data is particularly important:

  1. The total amount of sewage that needs to be treated every day;
  2. The solids content of sewage 
  3. Working hours arranged every day
  4. Determine the size of the site and the number of machines that can be placed.

Then calculate the parameters according to the following steps 

1: The total amount of sewage per day * solids content = the amount of absolutely dry sludge (without moisture); 
2: The amount of absolutely dry sludge * The moisture content (moisture content 30-70%) = the total amount of mud cake in a day 
3: The total amount of mud cake in a day / working time = the amount of processing capacity of the machine per hour; 
4: Processing capacity per hour * Filter press cycle (intermittent work) = Total processing capacity per cycle. 
5: The total processing capacity of one cycle / 2/15 = the actual size of the filter press area. Then compare the selection parameter table to get the specific model specifications.

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