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DSM screen Can be Applied to Which Industry

DSM Screen is a small non-power separation device used to filter suspended, floating, sediment and other substances in sewage treatment.

DSM Screen

The main body of DSM Screen is a stainless steel curved screen surface made of wedge steel rods, and the waste water to be treated is evenly distributed to the tilted sieve surface by overflow.

Working principle:

Due to the small and smooth surface clearance of the screen, the back gap is large, the drainage is smooth and not easy to block. Solid substances are intercepted, filtered water flows out of the sieve gap, and under hydraulic action, solid substances are pushed to the lower end of the screen to discharge.

Typical application

  • Alcohol, starch factory wastewater - removal of plant fiber shell skin, groceries and other solids
  • Slaughter wastewater - removal of sacs, fur, grease, feces and other solids
  • Paper waste water - recycling fibers, removal of solids
  • Tanning wastewater - removal of fur, grease and other solids
  • Municipal sewage - removal of fur, debris and other solids
  • Livestock fisheries - removes solids such as livestock hair and feces. 
  • Fish and meat processing plants - removes solids such as visceral, scaly, crushed meat, grease, etc.
  • Beer, malt plant wastewater - removal of malt, bean skin and other solids. 
  • Pharmaceutical plant, sugar factory wastewater - remove a variety of waste residue, plant shell skin and other solids. 
  • Other such as chemical fiber factory, textile factory, chemical plant, plastic processing plant, large machinery factory, hotels, community sewage and so on to be treated.

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