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Sieve Bend

Self cleaning.

No moving parts.

Low maintenance.

Wide range of applications.

Sieve Bend is a simple mechanical filter. The filter surface has a curved or slanted surface. The advantage of this shape is that the suspended solids, which are sieved from the water, will slide down the screen surface and are collected in a container. Water will go through the screen surface and is collected in the bottom of the sieve. The cleaning can (if necessary) be performed by brushes or spray nozzles.
Sieve Bend can be designed into open type or fully closed type according to the onsite condition.

dsm screen
Sieve Bend

Sieve Bend can be equipped with a spiral press at the front to dehydrate the solids. It is widely used in high concentration wastewater, such as liquid manure. After dehydration, the water content can be lowered to 65%. Screen Type

Sieve Bend

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