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Pressure Arc Screen

Pressure Arc Screen are used for separation of solids.

Pressure Arc Screen

Pressure Arc Screen is a solid-liquid separation equipment that relies on pressure to screen wet materials. It consists of a screen surface, a screen box, a feeding device and an outlet. The screen surface is the key component of the Pressure Arc Screen. It is made of stainless steel wedge wire.

Working principle

During operation, the wet material is sprayed from the nozzle under the pressure of 0.2-0.4Mpa, and the feeding speed generates a tangential force, forming a knife edge at the edge of the wedge wire, scraping the material into thin one layer, so that the water and fine materials are evenly dispersed, the material on the sieve is discharged from the slag outlet, and the material under the sieve enters the pulp outlet.
The high pressure results in high screening efficiency and large production capacity. If the pressure is low, the screening efficiency and production capacity are also low. The dry matter content of the feed during screening is about 17%. 

Factors affecting the screening efficiency

Feeding pressure: The feeding pressure should be 0.2-0.4Mpa, the higher the pressure, the higher the screening efficiency, the lower the pressure, the lower the screening efficiency.

The nozzle and the camber surface of the sieve should be tangent to each other. If the installation accuracy is too poor, it will not be possible to produce a slicing effect, so the sieve surface will not be able to screen the material.

The movement of the material is blocked and the direction of movement is changed. The effect of screening materials will be lost.

The influence of the fine grinding process before the sieve should not be too finely ground, otherwise the finely ground slag particles will enter the starch slurry together with the small starch particles, which will increase the slag content in the starch slurry.


  • Strong housing construction.
  • Adequate discharge hoppers for overflow & underflow.
  • Large front & rear hinged doors for easy access to screen.
  • Static and high-efficient sieving equipment, improving starch yield.

Pressure Arc Screen

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