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Filter Press

The diaphragm filter press is an efficient solid-liquid separation device. Its diaphragm plate is made of reinforced TPE elastomer, specially designed to increase the dryness of the filter cake and reduce the moisture content.

filter press

The diaphragm filter press adds a key feature — diaphragm squeezing — to the conventional filter press, making it particularly valuable in various industrial fields.

Filtration and Squeezing Process:

1. Filtration Stage:

  • Material Feeding: At the beginning of the process, the solid-containing material is pumped into the filter chambers of the filter press, which consist of closely arranged diaphragm plates, filter plates, and filter cloths.
  • Preliminary Solid-Liquid Separation: Under hydraulic or mechanical pressure, the filter cloth traps solid particles to form a filter cake, while the liquid is discharged through the filter cloth.

2. Squeezing Stage:

  • Diaphragm Expansion: After the filtration stage, high-pressure fluid or gas (commonly referred to as air pressure squeezing or water pressure squeezing, depending on the application) is injected into the diaphragm plates, causing them to expand and apply additional pressure to the formed filter cake.
  • Deep Dewatering: The pressure from the diaphragm helps to squeeze out more moisture from the filter cake, significantly reducing its moisture content. This step is also known as cake squeezing dewatering.

Features and Advantages: 

  • High Efficiency, Thorough Dewatering: The diaphragm filter press reduces the moisture content of the filter cake significantly through diaphragm squeezing, saving on subsequent drying costs and time.
  • Flexible Operation: The equipment can adjust pressure and squeezing time according to different material characteristics to optimize filtration results.
  • Reinforced TPE Elastomer Diaphragm Plates: Enhanced corrosion resistance, high-temperature and high-pressure resistance. With adjustments, it can also be used for some high-temperature materials, ensuring longevity and durability.
  • Low Failure Rate: Leakage of filtrate during the filtration process is rare, ensuring higher purity of filtered materials and reducing material waste and environmental pollution.

Wide Range of Applications:

Suitable for various industries such as chemical, coal washing, petroleum, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, food, municipal sludge treatment, especially in areas with stringent requirements for filter cake moisture content.

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