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Plate and Frame Sludge Filter Press

The plate and frame sludge filter press is a pressure filtration equipment with intermittent operation, which is suitable for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. The plate and frame filter press is a machine used in chemical dehydration earlier.

Plate and frame filter presses are generally operated intermittently and require a large investment in infrastructure equipment. Due to their advantages of large filtration driving force, high solid content of filter cake, clear filtrate, high solid recovery rate, and low consumption of conditioning drugs, in some wastewater plants are still widely used. The plate and the frame are arranged alternately.

Working principle

The two sides of the filter plate are covered with filter cloth, and the plate and the frame are pressed by the pressing device, that is, the filter press chamber is formed between the plate and the frame.

There is a small hole in the middle of the upper end of the plate and the frame. After pressing, it becomes a channel. The sludge pressurized to 0.2~0.4MPa enters the filter press chamber through the channel. The surface of the filter plate is engraved with grooves. There are holes for the filtrate to be discharged. Under the pressure, the filtrate is discharged through the filter cloth, along the grooves and holes, and the sludge is dehydrated. The plate and frame filter press can withstand higher sludge specific resistance than the vacuum filter, so that the consumption of conditioner can be reduced, and cheaper chemicals (such as FeSO4 7H2O) can be used. When the specific resistance of sludge is 5×1011~8×1012m/kg, it can be filtered directly without preconditioning. The mud cake yield and mud cake moisture content of the plate and frame filter press shall be determined according to test data or similar operating experience. The moisture content of mud cake can generally be 75%~80%.

Equipment type

There are four types of plate and frame filter press: manual compression, mechanical compression, hydraulic compression and automatic plate and frame filter press.

  • Manual pressing is the screw jack pushing the pressing plate to be pressed;
  • Mechanical pressing is that the motor is equipped with an H-type reduction box, and the pressing plate is pressed by the transmission parts of the frame;
  • Hydraulic pressing is a hydraulic station through the hydraulic cylinder on the frame. The components push the pressing plate to be pressed tightly;
  • The control system of the automatic filter press adopts PLC programming control, with a high degree of automation.


It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, ceramic, dye, pharmaceutical, sugar, food, metallurgy, textile, coal and environmental protection industries.

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