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Rotary Mechanical Bar Screen

The Rotary Mechanical Bar Screen, also known as the fine bar filter or spiral bar screen machine, is a device that integrates fine bar screen sewage removal, bar slag spiral lifting machine, and bar slag spiral press machine. It is an ideal equipment for separating and removing floating substances, settling substances, and suspended substances from water in urban sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater treatment processes. It is widely used in urban domestic sewage plants, industrial wastewater treatment projects for solid-liquid separation, slag filtering, transportation, and pressurized dewatering.

Rotary Mechanical Bar Screen

Working Principle

The Rotary Mechanical Bar Screen is made up of bar screen plates arranged in drum-shaped screen baskets. The untreated water flows into the screen basket, passes through the bar screen filtering, and flows to the water pool outlet. The bar slag is intercepted on the screen surface. When the water level difference inside and outside the screen reaches a certain value, the rotating rake installed on the central axis rotates to clean the debris. When the debris is collected to the top of the screen basket by the cleaning rake, the debris unloading begins (bar slag that can fall by its own weight unloads into the bar slag trough). After that, it rotates 15°, and the cleaning rake plate at the top of the screen basket automatically scrapes off the adhered bar slag from the rake teeth, unloading it into the bar slag trough. The bar slag is lifted by the bottom screw conveyor, pressed and dewatered in the upper press section, and then unloaded onto a conveyor belt or transported outside by a garbage truck. The dewatered filter residue has a solid content of 25%-45%, playing an important role in reducing transportation costs and preventing secondary pollution.

Application Scope

  1. Pretreatment of domestic sewage treatment equipment.
  2. Removal of debris from water intake and drainage outlets in factories, municipal areas, and residential communities.
  3. Material separation in industrial wastewater from mining, papermaking, chemical fiber, textiles, printing and dyeing, and other industries.
  4. Used for debris removal, dredging, and pressurized dewatering in the later stage of sewage treatment plants.
  5. Debris removal, dredging, and pressurized dewatering in industrial wastewater treatment projects.

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