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Cartridge Filter

Usage Guidelines for Cartridge Filters:

 Cartridge Filters
  1. Before use, carefully inspect the equipment to ensure it is in good condition, and check the accessories and seals for safety. Assemble the filter according to the specified requirements.

  2. For brand-new filters, thorough cleaning with a cleaning agent is essential before use. After cleaning, sterilize the filter at high temperatures, seal it properly to prevent contamination.

  3. When installing the filter element, pay attention to avoiding reverse installation. Typically, the filter element should be placed with the outside in and the inside out.

  4. Users with high requirements for filter elements should avoid tearing the plastic packaging when not in use. For users with stringent requirements, test the bubble point of the filter element, check its integrity, and perform sterilization before use.

  5. When inserting the filter element, maintain a vertical position. Wet the seal with sterile water or filter solution before insertion to reduce resistance.

  6. Open the exhaust valve on top of the filter to allow the filtered liquid to fill the filter, enhancing the filtration efficiency.

  7. Clean the filter element with sterile water to prevent contamination. For backwashing, change the original inlet to the outlet, allowing sterile water to flow in the reverse direction. Ensure that the original liquid filtration pipeline is closed. Then open the drain port and stop backwashing when the filtrate clears.

  8. During filtration, the pressure should generally be around 0.1 MPa, and under no circumstances exceed 0.5 MPa.

Maintenance and Care of Precision Filters:

  1. The core component of precision filters is the filter element, a vulnerable part that requires special protection.

  2. Prolonged operation of precision filters will accumulate impurities, leading to a decrease in operational speed. Regular cleaning, especially of the filter element, is necessary.

  3. During the cleaning process, pay particular attention to avoiding deformation or damage to the filter element. Any such issues may reduce filtration accuracy, failing to meet production requirements.

  4. If deformation or damage to the filter element is detected, it must be replaced immediately.

  5. Certain precision filter elements, such as bag-type filter elements and polypropylene filter elements, cannot be reused multiple times.

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