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What is Swing Screen

Swing screen is a kind of artificial shaking of low-frequency rotary vibration screen, its principle is: instantaneous motion along the radial displacement and the displacement as the axis of the synthesis of circular motion (spiral motion). That is to say, the shaker which can adjust the eccentricity produced a nonlinear three-dimensional motion, the material also produces the same approximate manual movement, so as to achieve the purpose of screening, and then with screening accessories, it can get a more ideal screening effect; Suitable for spherical, cylindrical, sheet, and even irregular shape material which is easy to block the mesh.

Swing Screen


  1. Swing screen is of high efficiency, exquisite design, can be used to screen any powder, irregular shape particles;
  2. Screen surface installed cleaning device, effectively solve the blockage problem;
  3. The mesh is not blocked, the powder does not fly, can be screened to 500 mesh or 0.028mm;
  4. Impurities, coarse material automatic discharge, continuous operation;
  5. Unique mesh design, long screen service time, fast to replace screen;
  6. Swing screen size is small, save space, easy to move;
  7. Swing screen can reach the highest five layers, it is recommended to use three layers.


Swing screen is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, food and spices, tea, feed, plastic, rubber, fertilizer, sugar and salt industry, wood industry and plywood, regeneration industry and other industries of fine materials classification processing and other operations.

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