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Horizontal Precision Filter

Horizontal Precision Filter also known as large capacity cartridge filter discards the PP meltblown cartridge used in traditional cartridge filters and uses a high-flow cartridge instead. One element of Horizontal Precision Filter can treat 50m3/h water or liquid. In terms of water flow, one 40" high flow cartridge is equivalent to 20 pcs PP meltblown cartridges and one 60" high flow cartridge is equivalent to 30 pcs PP meltblown cartridges. The filter volume can be smaller and more compact, and the replacement of cartridges is easier and faster, and the operation cost is lower.

The structure of Horizontal Precision Filter is cylindrical shell, made of 304 or 316L stainless steel, with single or multiple filter elements.

Horizontal Precision Filter


  • Reasonable structure design, high flow rate, suitable for traditional process.
  • Special filter unit structure design. Filtration precision from 1 to 3000 microns can be selected, large filtration area, high dirt holding capacity, users can customize according to the actual situation.
  • High porosity: the total area of micropores accounts for about 80% of the total area, thus the flow rate is fast and large.
  • The element has very little adsorption and does not retain filtrate.
  • Wide chemical compatibility with wide applicability.
  • Small size, small footprint, easy to replace the filter element.


Electric power, reverse osmosis pre-stage, petrochemical, fine chemical, food and beverage, automotive industry, metallurgy, paper making, pharmaceutical, microelectronics, environmental protection water treatment and other industries.

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