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How does Sand Water Separator Work

The axial-free spiral sand-water separator is suitable for grit tanks in sewage treatment plants, and is a device used to treat sand-water mixtures in sewage treatment.

Sand Water Separator

The sand-water separator equipment is generally installed at an angle of 20°-30°. The sand-water mixture enters the equipment from the inlet pipe, and the mixture passes through the collector on the upper part of the separator. Under the action of the water flow, the sand in the mixture is made

Separated from organic matter, sand and water enter the sand collection tank, and particles with a larger specific gravity (such as sand particles) fall and deposit at the bottom of the spiral groove due to their own weight. Driven by the spiral blade, the material rises along the bottom of the inclined U-shaped groove

After leaving the liquid surface, continue to move up for a certain distance, the water in the sand gradually flows back to the water tank in the gap between the spiral groove and the blade, and the sand liquid gradually dries to the outlet and falls into other conveying devices by its own weight.

The supernatant fluid continuously flows out from the drainage weir overflow pipe, and the organic matter flows out from the top of the collector under the action of the water vortex, and flows back to the sewage well through the pipe, so as to achieve the purpose of sand-water separation.

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